Rock Werchter 2018

Rock Werchter 2018

Rock Werchter 2018 was the bomb.  My friends invited me to join them to Rock Werchter 2018 for the weekend.  First I was not fund of the idea to sleep in a tent but I had a blast.

The last time I went to the Belgian Festival was in 2011 with my Dutch Friends.  I know  I barely survived the end of the Festival because of an overdosis of beer 😉

So after 7 years I was back thanks to my closed friend, Ralph.    I would like to give a shoutout to my favourite performances

  • NIN ( Nine Inch Nails ) was the best I have seen.  I love the band and I adore their music
  • Parov Stellar was for me the surprise of the Festival.  The vibe, the groove … I had a blast out of their performance
  • Marshmellow –> No words to describe it. Fun, Dance and go crazy
  • Pearl Jam was solid
  • Jack Johnson is one of my all time favourites and again he rocked

I also discovered Russ.  Nice Hip-Hop and lyrics that speak to the imagination. Same thumbs up for Little Sims.

Bands that dissapointed me where Gorillaz, Killers and Arctic Monkeys.


Rock Werchter see you in 2019.


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